Sean Rudman

Painting the inner beauty of beings and things

Great Encounter

Art has for object to infuse sentiments in us rather than express them.– Henri Bergson

For a great many art historians and critics, inventiveness in painting is a thing of the past since they believe everything has already been done and said, and this, as much in regards to theory and technique as to mediums used and themes developed. Hence, it is the contention of many artists emerging from the academic world that creative painting must necessarily go through the computer mill to ensure some sort of definition of innovation aiming at durability. Th is being said, it is a fact that the art of painting has for many years been subjected to a turmoil of opinions. But wouldn’t true audacity rather consist of letting discussions abate and allowing the mind to impress the human hand movement with the leisurely distillation of emotion and spirituality? Obviously, aspiring to suspend time in its tracks is a concept artist Sean Rudman has totally grasped and mastered.

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Text by Michel Bois

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