Rodolphe Duguay (1891-1973)

A Spirit of Nature

Canadian Masters

“In engraving as in painting, the outline, the sketch and the drawing do not constitute form, but rather a personal way of depicting which helps understand the form.” Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Crossing the threshold of Rodolphe Duguay’s atelier is both exciting and fascinating. The surreal impression of finding oneself inside an early 20th century Paris artist studio is unescapable. Whiffs of oil paint. e painter’s palette. The beret. The engraving workshop with gouges neatly aligned on the wall. The oversized window open to the north light. Then there is the mezzanine, nerve center for poet Jeanne L’Archevêque, the painter’s wife. Everything is there! This is more than a patrimonial jewel, it provides visitors with a sense of passage towards the timelessness of creation. Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Michel Bois

Musée des religions du monde,
900, boulevard Louis-Fréchette, Nicolet, Québec

Maison et atelier Rodolphe-Duguay, 195, rang Saint-Alexis, Nicolet, Québec

Musée de L’Hôtel des postes,
16, rue Laurier Ouest, Victoriaville, Québec

Musée de la culture populaire,
200, rue Laviolette, Trois-Rivières, Québec













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