Nathalie Lapointe

The Art of Breaking Free

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Into the black waters that surround the city, gleaming towers and buildings spread their shimmering reflections. Splitting the darkness, powerful and vivid colours translate the pulse of urban life and all its trepidations.

This atmospheric luminosity permeates Nathalie Lapointe’s body of work. Stark contrasts and imaginary cities have become, for the painter, a prescription against the mad dash of life.

The artist, a native of Lanaudière, ended her eleven years career as a teacher to dedicate herself to art. “I love people and I loved working with children, but my passion for painting was calling me.”Her perilous jump into the unknown came after serious consideration, fuelled by a strong desire to set her own life path.

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Texte by Isabelle Gauthier

Represented by Galerie Le Bourget, Montréal


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