Nancy Létourneau

In Tune with her Creative Instinct

Delight in Discovery

The creations of Nancy Létourneau may branch out in various directions without immediate apparent connection, but this variety becomes significant when we reflect on her artistic process. Although trained as a graphic designer on which she could build a career, she chose to curb rational thinking and rather tackle the art of painting by letting her left cerebral hemisphere direct each one of her gestures.

Any perfectionist reliant on constant self-control would find this operating mode highly challenging. Her emotions, even the most secret, she regards as a pool of ideas into which she can dive to reach a depth that will allow her to express what dwells in her soul. A simple attraction towards exploring a new material or a new technique may lead her forward on this path, but always following an intuitive approach, free of any expectation. Her desires may of course ensue from some general intention, but Nancy Létourneau never confines herself to any restraint, even less to an ambition. “I try to avoid being preoccupied with the hope of attaining a precise result, which would impede the free circulation of my internal energy. It is an act of thrust and of release that always leads me towards a destination in symbiosis with my uniqueness, although a priori I am ignorant as to the point of arrival,” states the artist.

Fusion (Au jardin Series)

Fusion (Au jardin Series)

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

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