Nancy Galianos

High Spirits and Vivid Emotions

Contemporary Realism

Every morning, Nancy Galianos starts her day by going up to her vast studio atop her home, never knowing what awaits her. Nothing is planned. The first thing she needs to do is start searching for a subject that will be willing to take shape in her eyes on that day.

The energy generated by the music she almost ritually turns-on in the room first leads her to reflect and reminisce, as it brings forth various emotional memories. At the whim of the happy or sad feelings she experiences, Nancy Galianos grabs a brush, a roller or a spatula and embarks on a new venture the issue of which remains uncertain almost until the very end. Whether there be rain, snow, intense sunshine, heath or cold, her total environment influences and guides her creative gestures.

Summer joy, acrylic, 18 x 14 in

Summer joy, acrylic, 18 x 14 in

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

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