Marie-Claude Courteau

The Essentiality of Light

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Once Marie-Claude Courteau gets an idea in her head, she feels a compelling need to paint, an uncontrollable urge to immediately start working to elaborate her vision and find a way to make it burst with light.

“There is no colour without light. Light is what changes everything!”, she exclaims. This constant preoccupation with luminosity frames her whole artistic process. It is the motor that drives her movements in her effort to magnify the sublime beauty of nature she loves so much. Her great wish is to be able to not only feature but emphasize the abundant richness of nature, far more valuable in her eyes than any material property. “Nothing is as genuine as nature,” says the artist. A visit to Paris in 1983, notably to Monet’s gardens in Giverny, forever changes her approach to art. She begins working with a brighter palette, crea- ting areas of colour in a less polished style, thus leaving more room to the imagination. Her study sessions with Chui Wang also help transform how she looks at things, hence perceiving subtler colours guiding her towards more nuanced tonalities.

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Text by Lisanne LeTellier

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