Marc Grandbois

Experiencing Nature

Great Encounter

“In a painting I look for truth, sentiment and solace.” – Marc Grandbois

From the first handshake I am seduced by the authenticity of the painter. In person, he exudes the aloofness and laughing manner of the greats. The attitude of those in the know, who paint to transmit their knowledge with a blend of sensitivity and sensuality they spread all over the canvas with confident gestures, unbridled, without any constraints.

The obvious force that emanates from the artist’s works attests of his passion for painting. Fulfilled, happy, passionate and confident, the man is imbued with beneficent humility.

For Marc Grandbois, as for all the great painters, painting is everything but reasoned, it is something felt, imperceptibly, a game of the mind, a combination of timid and bold gestures. But for Grandbois, the feeling is intense; should he find inspiration in a woodsy location, he must immediately satisfy his desire to express himself on canvas.

Souvenir d’Essex, MA , 20 x 16 in

Souvenir d’Essex, MA , 20 x 16 in

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Text by  Michel Bois

Marc Grandbois is represented by galerie Douce Passion42A, Notre-Dame Street, Québec Qc. 418 648-9292 
His works can also be found in Alberta at the Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary. His works are also part of public and private collections in Canada and abroad.

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