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Lyse Marsan

A Tribute to Life and to Peace

On Exhibit

“If everyone laid a flower on the path of life, it would certainly embellish the human experience.” – Michel Bois

Viewing Lyse Marsan’s works is an experience that permeates not only one’s memory but one’s whole being as she dispenses so much energy via the voluptuousness of her colours and the sensuality and subtlety of her narrative.

The artist is passionate, sharply and intensely so. She is constantly exploring new possibilities that painting offers; this is how, after a career that spans more than forty years, she has created an extensive personal, sustained and re-energizing pictorial body of work. To that end, she first studied with teachers in private workshops then in recognized schools in many European countries. Which won her a gold medal awarded by France in 2000 for the quality of her creation and her commitment to the promotion of visual arts. Needless to say, her perseverance, her abilities and her knowledge have widely opened doors for her, here in this country, with provincial and national agencies, and internationally.

Au parfum d’un fruit de la passion, 24 x 24 in

Au parfum d’un fruit de la passion, 24 x 24 in

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Text by Michel Bois

Lyse Marsan is represented by Galerie Douce-Passion, 42A, Notre-Dame Street, Québec. 418-684-9292

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