Lucie Michel

Lyrical effusions between Heaven and Earth

Thumbnail Sketches

Those who bother you with questions about art, inform them that there is more to it than being a good craftsman, you also need something no-one can teach you… sensitivity… charm… poetry. This we carry inside ourselves.” – Renoir

May I begin by stating that viewing a Lucie Michel painting fills me with an almost indescribable sensation of absolute delight! A sentiment simultaneously so tender and powerful that I am overwhelmed by its intensity. The tasty colours Lucie Michel introduces into her landscapes resonate like a song of freedom leading you on a journey towards impromptu emotions. But who is this artist whose paintings I have discovered on Saint-Pierre Street in Quebec city?

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Text by Michel Bois

Lucie Michel is represented by Galerie d’art Internationale à Québec, Galerie Art & Style in Baie-Saint-Paul, Dimension Plus in Montreal et Koyman Galleries in Ottawa. To communicate with the artist via internet:

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