Jacinthe Lagueux

Luminescent presence of the feminine body

Forms, volume and space

“Light can be diffused, fleeting, changing, capricious even. It knows all the tricks. Th us is it difficult to be satisfied with one’s work, however beautiful it may be!” – Rosal de Sainte-Croix, master glazer.

In all forms of advertising, from the simple poster to giant billboards, in cinema and television, on t-shirts and shopping bags, women are most often then not depicted in superficial, toxic and even pernicious fashion in our society. This being said, how refreshing it is to meet a woman, a talented artist, who embraces her freedom of action and innate sensibility and presents us with sculpted creations featuring the feminine body in an effort to shed some light on the notion of objective beauty! Artist Jacinthe Lagueux is passionate about thermoformed glass sculpture and has exhibited her works on numerous occasions in the past. Hence are we able to testify to the evolution of this brilliant artist, in full command of her craft, who diffuses her radiant sensitivity through sparkling luminous works.

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Text by Michel Bois

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