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Galerie Gruais-Grondin

A successful year!


Democratize, promote, be involved, innovate, bring together ; these are the leitmotifs of the mission the two owners of the Gruais-Grondin Gallery have set for themselves. The gallery is celebrating its successful first year of existence!

The two gallery owners, Viviane Gruais and Sylvie Grondin, are also professional artists. They naturally met while participating in various group exhibitions and other visual art events. Both possessed the necessary energy and ambition to contemplate becoming gallery owners. Hence, at the opportune time, they dove head  first into the adventure without ever looking back. They’ve had no regret since and are still looking forward.

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Text by Michel Bois / 418 658- 5588 / 2600, Boulevard Laurier, Place de la Cité Ville de Québec, GlV 4T3

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