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Édith Liétar

A Free Spirited Artist

Delight in Discovery

Belgo Canadian artist Édith Liétar has been  living in Québec since 1966. Having graduated in facial art, colour analysis and in fashion styling and design, she has long owned a fashion boutique and worked as a style and colour consultant analyst as well as fashion stylist for various magazines.

Art has always been part of her life. From childhood, nothing hinders her creative freedom. She later creates clothing she highlights with hand painted motifs. After attending a number of development and refinement workshops, she pursues a self-taught painting career. A path that soon leads her to exhibit her work, as early as 2006, in numerous countries such as France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy and the United States, etc. She is present on the international scene from the very start of her career as a professional artist. Her works are purchased by art lovers as far as in the Middle-East and are today  part of a great number of public and private collections.

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Text by HeleneCaroline Fournier

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