From October 17, 2015 to January 31, 2016 the Glenbow Museum in Calgary is exhibiting David Thauberger: Road Trips and Other Diversions.

Thauberger is the kind of artist whose work can be described as delightful. While that description may be the kiss of death in some critical circles his work conveys a sense of spontaneity and purity that brings a smile to mind.

His work borders on the naive except that his colours are too true, they punch above their weight and his use of colour is very sophisticated. What he does share with most naive art is a flattened perspective.

Thauberger’s subjects are with the exception of the odd landscape or two are commonplace prairie structures: Legion halls, grain elevators, corner stores and small town bungalows. There is a use of heightened colour that adds a magical characteristic to his work that is quite enchanting and special.

Autumn 2015

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