Annie-Cécile Tremblay

Creation as a Way of Life

Art Craft

“Creation is an extension of the dream that resides in us.” – Marcel Schneider

This article is the first of a series dedicated to the promotion of exploding creation by dazzling fine crafts artists. For your pleasure to discover and ours to present! We welcome your help in bringing exceptional creations to our attention.

Without really understanding why, Annie-Cécile Tremblay wasn’t feeling as invested in her fashion designing career as she should have been, considering her heartfelt desire to succeed. Did it seem too superficial to her, too capitalistic, too competitive? The reason just wasn’t clear. For a while she also flirted with scenography, which neither produced satisfactory result. She never imagined, however, that she would merrily follow the unusual paths of arts and crafts. It came indeed as a surprise, a great and wonderful surprise prompted by an encounter with master potter Marcel Beaucage, who became her friend and initiated her to a creative universe that rests on a humanistic lifestyle that greatly suited her. She headlong dived into the new adventure and became a ceramicist.

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Text by Michel Bois

Annie-Cécile Tremblay is present a cross a vast network of prestigious boutiques in Québec. The artist can be contacted by phone at 514824-8863 or via email at

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