As you would expect the Metropolitain Museum in New York has some marvelous galleries that always repay a visit. I suggest that for the holidays a visit to the tapestries at the Metropolitain are in order. After all, what’s a snowfall without a few tapestries to look at? At the risk of mangling my metaphors or mixing my seasons, Fabergé Easter Eggs also seem to enjoy being seen against the background of winter.

Fabergé from the Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation Collection  is on display at the Met until November 27, 2016 . As you would suspect with the Met, the most important Fabergé piece in the United States is on display as well, the Lillies-of-the-Valley Basket  as are three Imperial Easter Eggs. Pieces of the collection will rotate on display for the next five years.

If you arrive in New York before January 6, 2016  you will have a chance to see the Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche . The tree itself is a 20 foot blue spruce decorated with 55, 18th Century Neapolitan angels and 22 cherubs hovering among its boughs and groups of 69 realistic crèche figures flanking the Nativity scene. All of this is set against a Spanish choir screen from the Valladolid Cathedral.

Winter 2016

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