There are a couple of interesting things going on at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. There first you might call a bit of a retrospective and the second you might call a bit of a miracle. L.L. FitzGerald’s Impressionist Decade, 1910-1920, running until June 7, 2015, examines some luminescent work by the Manitoba artist Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald. FitzGerald’s work in trying to honestly record the effect of light and atmosphere have resulted in some wonderful works that deserve to be appreciated to a greater extent than they are.

And now, here’s the miracle: Elisapee Ishulutaq Yesterday and Today, running until June 14, 2015. The work consists of one large mural done in oil stick on paper. It shows the dif ferences between when Ishulutaq was young and the world around her in Pangnirtung now.

The miracle part of it all is that the work was commissioned by Darlene Coward Wight, Curator of Inuit Art, Winnipeg Art Gallery, when Elisapee was 90 years old in 2014.

Wight had been aware of Elisapee for some time and so she should have. Elisapee Ishulutaq is one of the last if not the last original artist from the Pangnirtung experimental print shop in 1970. Her work is famous and has been used as the basis for tapestries. She is also a member of the Order of Canada.

The charming part of all of this is that if you want more insight into the creation of art you can watch it being done in a seven minute video that is completely both charming and fascinating. You can see the video on the Winnipeg Art Gallery website in the current exhibition section or look Elisapee Ishulutaq up on YouTube.

Spring 2015

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