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We sadly learned of the passing, on October 27, of painter Louise Lecorre-Kirouac, sister of illustrious artist the late Tex Lecor. In 1973, she started painting portraits and exhibiting them. She also dabbled in photography, unaware of what her talent had in store for her. Others may have been reluctant to admit being a sibling of Tex Lecor, one of Québec’s most prominent visual artists, but she readily boasted of being his sister, as we were able to read in the 1989 summer issue of your Magazin’Art in an article written by Bernard Théoret. “Indeed, we owe Tex a debt of gratitude for having incited her to abandon photography, for having shared his knowledge with her, dragging her with him across Québec, and encouraging her to impart her vision. Louise Kirouac is today ‘one the Tex’s band’ and, a few times a year she accompanies him, Claude Langevin, Umberto Bruni and others on scenery escapades to the four corners of Québec…,” then penned Théoret. They formed a movement of landscape artists animated with the same passion for painting to generously share with us the beauty as seen through their eyes smitten with love and freedom, which tends to slowly disappear. An artistic career may bear some hardships, but so does life. To the immediate family, we wish to express our deepest and most sincere condolences.

The editors of Magazin’Art

Winter 2019

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