Galerie Jeannine Blais

Gisèle Rivard

Light ad infinitum

Delight in Discovery

Gisèle Rivard has long been aware that all things are broader in scope than solely perceived through the senses. Fascinated with the role light plays in our living systems, she goes as far as analyzing the optical spectrum to better understand its principles, much as a scientist tries to comprehend the manifestations of various environmental phenomena to better integrate their laws. “The source of light lies at a great distance, it comes from the stars and has a far-reaching influence on our lives. Light’s energy is essential to us, for without it, we simply can’t distinguish anything. It’s extraordinarily interesting! ”

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 Text by Lisanne LeTellier

Gisèle Rivard’s works can be seen on the websites of Académie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec, Société canadienne de l’aquarelle, as well as her own virtual gallery. They are also found at Galerie Vigneault in Repentigny.


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