Galerie Jeannine Blais

Debby Talbot

The Relativity of the Image

Delight in Discovery

In this era of image culture where representations of reality are constantly enhanced, what is true anymore in what we see? Debby Talbot’s reflection on the very personal relationship each of us entertains with beauty and seduction may have been influenced by her work as a graphic artist specialising in packaging.

But it may be fitting to ask ourselves whether the human being hasn’t also become a consumer product to be showcased. Photographs are everywhere, alluring and often misleading, in limitless and sprawling
lushness. Retouched, improved or modified, they show individuals that are always at their best in a faultless slideshow, as if life was pure perfection. This visual assumption is what Debby Talbot questions in her artistic approach, overlooking first impressions so the eye may go beyond what it captured at first glance. In this universe of manufactured “looks”, where many feel the need to expose themselves to prove their existence, what is left of the elusive dimension of beauty which does not fall under any predetermined social conditioning? Why should we simply yield to the dictates of modern aesthetics?



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Text by Lisanne le Tellier

Debby Talbot is represented by Galerie du Vieux Saint-Jean, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

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