Musique au menu, 24 x 36 in Musique au menu, 24 x 36 in

Colourful Vibrations

François Faucher

Great Encounters

With their chromatic intensity and figurative spatial organisation, François Faucher’s paintings are permeated with soaring lyricism. His exceptional body of work, resolutely lively, appears to be dancing to its own musical score. The artist has invented a unique technique which incorporates a vibrational effect to the painted elements that approximates musical art. The resulting overall ambience is one of movement and vibrant warmth. Behold an artist who is celebrating forty years of artistic creation.

Born in Thetford Mines, in 1959, François Faucher has always loved to draw. As a youngster he is gifted with a starter painting set which sets him on the path of creation. From the age of 16, he exhibits his works annually. But, despite his growing interest, he is not yet considering a professional artistic career. He rather chooses architecture, which he practices on the lower north-shore for six years. Then, while one day listening to Claude Dubois’ melancholic rendering of the “Blues du businessman”, he experiences a burst of passion for the arts and, at 40 years old, he quits his practice to pursue his artistic career. Never having stopped painting, François Faucher is a self-taught artist who has participated in Albert Rousseau’s famous open workshops and is inspired by Iacurto, Le Sauteur, Picasso and Van Gogh.  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Isabelle Gauthier

Canadian Galleries: Symbole Art (Montréal), Jutras Art Gallery (Toronto).

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