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Emily Carr: Into the Forest opens on May 13th and runs until March 4th, 2018 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. As you would image the exhibition’s subject matter is the West Coast forest and Carr’s relationship with it, as shown in 45 paintings. The gallery’s Senior Curator-Historical, Ian M. Thom says that, “by confronting the forest directly, Carr celebrated the natural world through her masterful images of the coastal forest landscape. Through her unique synthesis of the spiritual and natural, Carr’s forest paintings have shaped the way British Columbians perceive their natural surroundings.”

In 1935 Carr wrote: “Sketching in the big woods is wonderful. You go, find a space wide enough to sit in and clear enough so that the undergrowth is not drowning you. Everything is green. Everything is waiting and still. Slowly things begin to move, to slip in their places. Groups and masses and lines tie themselves together. Colours you had not noticed come out timidly or boldly… Here is a picture, a complete thought and there another and there…”

Summer 2017

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