Pauline Paquin

Living in a Children’s World

On Exhibit 

One day, as children ran out of school, an aspiring artist happened to notice them. Their joy, their lightness of being, their carefree attitude captured her attention and this expression of pure joy became her leitmotiv. 

Pauline Paquin‘s canvases are filled with childhood moments of daily life. Her colourful scenes, with their lot of naivety, are pleasing for the eyes and inevitably generate smiles. “Children colour my life,” says the artist whose career spans three decades. It is the essence of the artist to marvel at mere details that are generally overlooked by the masses. She channels her inspiration onto the canvas, highlighting and sealing her final vision in full colours.  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

By Isabelle Gauthier


Pauline Paquin is represented by:  

 Galerie Pauline T. Paquin, St-Sauveur
Galerie Le Balcon d’Art, Saint-Lambert
Galerie 2000, Montréal
Chase Art Gallery, Beaconsfield
Galerie 88, Vancouver, à Artym, Vancouver
Galerie La Pinsonnière, La Malbaie

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