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No matter who you are, you are usually attracted to gold and Golden Kingdoms Luxury & Legacy In The Ancient Americas, running at the Metropolitan Museum until May 28, 2018, promises to have a of gold.

Golden Kingdoms consists of more than 300 objects assembled from more than 50 museums in 12 countries. It traces the evolution of goldworking and other luxury arts from Peru in the south to Mexico in the north starting in approximately 2000 B.C. to the European arrival in the 16th century.

This major exhibition features spectacular works from recent archeological excavations: crowns, pectorals, pendants, necklaces, ear and nose ornaments, rings labrets, masks, mantels, vases, stelas, bells, mirrors and more.

Exhibition highlights include the exquisite gold ornaments of the Lord of Sipán from the richest unlooted tomb in the Americas, the malachite funeral mask of a woman known as the Red Queen, newly discovered ritual offerings from the sacred precinct of the Aztec Empire and the “Fisherman’s Treasure,” a set of Mixtec gold ornaments plundered by the conquistadors and recovered from a shipwreck during the 1970s.


Spring 2018

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