Mireille Molleur, Au gré des feuilles, technique mixte, 36 x 48 po Mireille Molleur, Au gré des feuilles, technique mixte, 36 x 48 po

Mireille and Suzanne Molleur

Tied by Blood, Colour and Heart

Family in Art

During our interview, we readily engaged in a three-way conversation without predefined rules or subjects, akin to the Molleur sisters’ artistic path. In a fairly balanced exchange, which testifies to their long-established adjustment and to the immense affection and respect they hold for one another, I was able to collect their respective vision in a fully equal give and take of confidences. Concerned about the equitable recognition of their respective work, none attempted to overshadow the other, each taking turn to express their mutual points of view on the varied subjects that were brought up.

As members of a family of nine siblings, where art is highly valued, Mireille and Suzanne Molleur develop over the years a strong complicity that extends well beyond their being attracted to the same discipline. This initial complementarity, reinforced with time, later orchestrates their professional visibility through their participation as a duo in various artistic events, exhibiting their works side by side in perfect synergy. Each artist’s work however is unique, entirely independent one from the other, in style as much as in form. “There is no competition between us. We simply enjoy this bubble we have created where we both feel safe, the confluence of our energies also nourishing our respective individual production,” they declare in full agreement.  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Lisanne LeTellier

Next October, we will find the Moller sisters at the renowned “Rencontre des Arts” in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, as well as on their respective websites. As their exhibits are almost always conjoined, if you find one you will assuredly find the other! And, without cheating, try to guess which is which…

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