Yves Doré

Fanciful Illustration

Artist Profile

With its simple lines and vibrant colours, Yves Doré’s art charms us and makes us smile. His distinctive subjects invoke memories of simpler times and betray the artist’s sense of humour. A quick wit and fanciful disposition, an illustrative style and a graphic approach constitute his visual signature.

Born in Montréal in 1942, the artist began drawing at a very early age. “The pencil promptly became my best friend.” Beyond any intent of becoming a professional artist, he engages in his favorite pastime for pure pleasure. His father recognizes his talent and suggests he attend courses in graphic arts and industrial drawing. He enjoys working in these fields and rapidly rises up the advertising world ladder. As Artistic Manager he works with numerous important clients. In this pre-computer era, the task is laborious and workweeks are highly intense. Yves Doré then paints occasionally, when he is able to enjoy some rare free time. From inception to execution, his graphic drawing career profoundly imprints his artistic expression. Now five years retired from his business career, he has become his only client and confers mandate and objectives towards his own projects.

1408, rue St-Paul

1408, rue St-Paul

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Text by Isabelle Gauthier

Represented by Galerie Robert Senneville, Sherbrooke

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