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Images on stone is a Virtual exhibition on rock art in Canada created by the Musée de la civilisation in partnership with Virtual Museum of Canada. Astonishing, mysterious images drawn or painted on rock walls or carved in stone across the Canadian landscape: rock art reflects the cultures of Indigenous Peoples who have been living on the territory for thousands of years. To provide the public with an opportunity to discover the wealth of this Indigenous cultural heritage, the Musée de la civilisation presents the Images on Stone. Rock art in Canada online exhibition on the institution’s website. By exploring the Images on Stone. Rock Art in Canada exhibition on-line, the public will discover the mysteries surrounding the many rock drawings and carvings found throughout Canada. People will also learn about the various scientific and cultural aspects of this age-old phenomenon more widespread in North America than generally believed. Featuring encyclopaedic contents and a selection of five sites representative of the cultural and geographical diversity of rock art in Canada, the exhibition highlights the means used to produce rock art, the significance of graphic contents, the Indigenous cultural communities associated with each site, the connection that they maintain with these sites and the preventive or curative measures taken to ensure their preservation.

Musée de la civilisation:

Musée virtuel du Canada:

Spring 2019

Images on stone is a Virtual exhibition on rock art in Canada…