peinture sur bois

Sylvie Drainville

Fostering Introspection

Delight in Discovery

Driven by an uncommonly intense force of life, Sylvie Drainville creates paintings on wood that attempt to provoke the heart while comforting it, by simultaneous means of made up referents deeply rooted in reality and imaginary parallel systems. Since they adopt empirical rather than classical perspectives, her paintings favor an overall composition consisting of varied superimposed strata reminiscent of the geology of soils.

Lingering eyes are thus able to incrementally penetrate a story that, though universal, becomes personal per one’s interpretation. There is also presence of more intimate areas where one can find shelter and feel safe despite the vastness of the whole. It is important however to approach the work slowly to observe it adequately, one image at a time, in order to slide into the trenches and allow the emotion to permeate the mind.

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

Driven by an uncommonly intense force of life…