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Marc Samson

Aventure, acrylic and mixed media, 60 x 40 in

Colourful Aerobatics

Marc Samson

Artist Profile

Forever seeking to excel himself as a way of life ever since his initial physical education training, it isn’t surprising that Marc Samson approaches painting with the same commitment and determination he invested into the sports disciplines he practiced. A consummate athlete, he finds the aesthetics of visual arts equivalent to the perfection of movement he strives to achieve through his intensive workouts.

He believes satisfactory results can only be achieved if he engages all of his energy in his undertakings, passion being his driving force. Hence, he fully launches himself into pictorial art, with as much ardour as he invested into the universe of sporting competition where he was able to transcend thanks to his constant quest for excellence. He finds Picasso and Cathelin fascinating, one for his geometric interpretation of reality, the other for the richness of his textures. He is also influenced by Matisse’s modern approach, strong values and abundant motifs.

Art is today a participant to his overall health regimen, allowing this part of him that accepts no boundary to endlessly elaborate on canvas. Drawing from his memories and subconscious mind, he remains attentive to his inner feelings and lets the magic happen. Official recognition of his talent as an artist adds to his sense of achievement, confirming that he’s been able to define a unique style and secure his place in the art world. “This second career is nothing less than pure happiness!”, says the artist. Delighted to be able to finally devote all of his time to his painting, he mentions his head is full of ideas. Since there is an ever increasing demand for his work, he is confident he made the right choice in focussing all of his efforts on his art.  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Lisanne le Tellier

Marc Samson’s works can be viewed on his website at or on his Facebook page.

Forever seeking to excel himself as a way of life ever since his initial physical education training,…