Jacques Jourdain

Jacques Jourdain

One of the Last Romantic Painters

Painting a Country

“A work of art is a suspension of time” – Bonnard

It is highly unlikely that one could encounter such a unique creative path in our complicated era when an artist must please his mother, his father, art collectors, local reporters as well as officials from the Ministry of culture. Hence, 86 years old Jacques Jourdain may well be the last romantic artist of this time in the field of visual arts.

Born in 1931 in Three-Rivers, he graduated from the Québec School of Fine Arts in 1956. He was a favorite student of Jean Paul Lemieux who instilled in him the essence of art and imparted his expert advice. He first encouraged him to pursue his creative endeavours, then urged him to look for ways to improve his purely personal approach while cautioning him about possible pitfalls, fleeting fashions and the tortuous art market.

Ohé ohé au sucre, 32 x 48 in

Ohé ohé au sucre, 32 x 48 in

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Text by Michel Bois

Jacques Jourdain is represented by Galerie Douce Passion
42 A, rue Notre-Dame, Québec. 418-648-9292

“A work of art is a suspension of time” – Bonnard…