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If you happen to be in Calgary and want to see the work of a rising Canadian art star and all around agent provacateur you could do no matter than catch the next installment of Kent Monkman’s alter ego Little Miss Chief Testickle.

The Glenbow Museum in Calgary is running Kent Monkman: The Rise and Fall of Civilization starting on February 3, 2019. The work in question is a room filling installation that shows Miss Chief Eagle Tetickle standing on top of a nine foot high replica of a rock-face buffalo jump as sculptural buffalo run through the gallery.

This show should be seen because come on, let’s face it. When was the last time you saw buffalo roaming through a museum. The buffalo jump stands for the sustainable approach to living practised by the First Nations which is implicitly compared to the slaughter of the buffalo as an act of genocide against the indigenous inhabitants, depriving them of the means to feed themselves to open up the land to settlers. Monkman is a painter, performance artist and film maker whose works have appeared in numerous international venues and has been collected by major museum across Canada.

Winter 2019

If you happen to be in Calgary and want to…


The Glenbow Museum in Calgary is hosting what could turn out to be a fascinating series of exhibitions, The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits, running until January 6, 2019. The show is being mounted in partnership with Library and Archives Canada. This first edition will be followed up by more of the same. In this exhibition, featuring self-portraits from the collections of Library and Archives Canada and Glenbow, the legacy of the artist’s mirror lives on. Here artists are looking deeply at themselves, a practice reflected across a wide variety of media, artistic styles and time periods. From biographical self- expression to political commentary, the motivation behind creating a self-portrait is as diverse as the artists themselves.

As part of a five-year collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, Glenbow will host a series of exhibitions drawn from this national portrait collection. The inaugural exhibition features fascinating works by Emily Carr, Norval Morriseau, Yousuf Karsh, Alma Duncan and many others.


Fall 2018

The Glenbow Museum in Calgary is hosting…