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Volte-Face extrait de l'exposition, oeuvre de Cindy Sherman


Metropolitan Region

By popular demand, the Montréal Museum of fine Arts (MMFA) is extending the run of the exhibition Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives until March 29, 2020. Already seen by over 100,000 visitors, this major exhibition offers a completely new picture of the everyday life of six individuals who lived along the Nile between 900 B.C.E. and 180 C.E. using an innovative approach that combines the arts and science. Making its North American premiere at the MMFA, the exhibition presents six mummies together with 240 artifacts from ancient Egypt from the collection of the British Museum. Non-invasive medical imaging techniques made it possible to shed new light on different aspects of the life – and death – of these six ancient Egyptians. Until March 29, 2020.

The MMFA is opening its doors to a selection of artworks from the remarkable art collection of Ontario philanthropist, collector and patron W.Bruce C.Bailey. The exhibition For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you brings together a selection of over 100 paintings, photographs, works on paper, and sculptures spanning vastly different time periods and cultures, drawn from his extraordinary collection. These works encourage visitors to consider how art can reflect a unique sensibility and simultaneously unearth shared commonalities, inviting us to better understand differences. Contemporary Art Square, Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, until March 29, 2020.

The MMFA also presents About Face: Photographs by Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons and Rachel Harrison. This exhibition brings together the work of three major American artists whose practice is deeply engaged with the history of representation of women. Presented artworks are drawn from the collection of Carol and David Appel, prominent collectors of international contemporary art in Canada. Graphic Arts Centre, Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, until March 29, 2020.

The Montreal Museum of Fine-Arts will transport you to 19th and 20th century Paris in the company of the great Post-Impressionist masters with the exhibition Paris in the Days of Post-Impressionism: Signac and the Indépendants. Paris, 1900: a revolution was underway during the Belle Époque. “Art for all!” declared artists who exhibited under the motto “no jury, no awards.” Cofounder of the Salon des Indépendants, Paul Signac made a name for himself as the theoretician of the so-called “postimpressionist scientists.” Discover a magnificent body of 500 paintings and graphic works from an exceptional private collection to be exhibited in its entirety for the first time – the largest collection of works by Paul Signac, but also of avant-garde: Impressionists (Monet and Morisot), Fauves (Dufy, Friesz and Marquet), Symbolists (Gauguin, Mucha and Redon), Nabis (Bonnard, Denis, Lacombe, Sérusier, Ranson and Vallotton), Neo-Impressionists (Cross, Guillaumin, Luce, Pissarro, Seurat and Van Rysselberghe) and observers of life in Paris (Anquetin, Degas, Lautrec, Picasso and Steinlen). From March 28 to September 27, 2020.

Currently presented at Musée Pointe-à-Callière, the exhibition entitled The Incas, Treasures of Peru! gives Montréal museumgoers a taste of one of the richest legacies of craftsmanship the world has ever seen. A North American exclusive, the exhibition takes visitors on a stunning journey deep into Andean and Peruvian cultures to reveal the secrets of the Inca Empire, its power, its mysterious rituals and customs, and, above all, its remarkable artistic achievements. Until April 13, 2020.

The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) continues to grow its international reputation through three remarkable travelling exhibitions. Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything, one of the most popular international travelling exhibitions in MAC’s history begins the second leg of its international tour today in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the exhibition will be presented until April 13, 2020 at the Kunstforeningen GL STRAND and Nikolaj Kunsthal Art center. Meanwhile, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Unstable Presence, coproduced with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), may be viewed until March 1, 2020 at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Monterrey, Mexico. The tour’s next stop will be at the SFMOMA, from April 25 to November 1, 2020. Also, the Françoise Sullivan retrospective continues its Canadian tour at the Art Gallery in Windsor, from February 14 to May 10, 2020, and then at the Musée régional de Rimouski from October 18, 2020 to January 31, 2021.


Winter 2020

By popular demand, the Montréal Museum of fine Arts (MMFA) is extending…


The MAC and MOMENTA | Biennale de l’image unite to present Children’s Games by Francis Alÿs. World-renowned for his body of work at the crossroads of the political and poetic, Belgian artist Francis Alÿs is interested in everyday gestures and the political and symbolic potential that they contain. Comprising nearly twenty videos, this project shows how children turn simple, ordinary things – coins, stones, plastic bottles and so on – into the raw material for unlikely and fantastical universes. Through the sparkling imagination of children, Alÿs presents an intimate yet political view of the universal and unifying nature of games. From September 4, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

Painting takes centre stage at the MAC this fall with a major survey of the last decade of work by Montréal painter Janet Werner. Visitors will have an opportunity to gauge the scope of Werner’s practice; since the 1990’s she has developed a unique genre of fictional portraits featuring invented subjects. References to pop culture, humour, and the carnivalesque mingle with an aura of strangeness in Werner’s works as she explores different portrait styles. A major figure in Canadian painting who has played a prominent role in updating the portrait genre, Werner blurs the lines between abstraction and realism, between real and imaginary, to the spectator’s delight. From October 31, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

Revisiting the MAC Rotunda in an original and disruptive way in a new series of inkjet prints, Gisele Amantea combines photographic documentation of this iconic space of the Museum with drawings inspired by Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s mid-eighteenth-century etchings. Her stated intent is a personal critique of the museum and a musing both on its power dynamics and on the position she has in relation to it as an artist. Exhibiting these prints in the Rotunda, the MAC playfully participates in a critique of its own institution at a moment of anticipation before the transformation project begins, in which the Rotunda is slated to disappear. From October 9, 2019 to January 15, 2020.

Also at the MAC, in Je vois ce que tu regardes, works by artists Luis Jacob (Toronto) and Serge Tousignant (Montréal) are brought together in an unprecedented pairing that shows how a field of artistic research – in this case, the spectator’s experience – can be conveyed in different ways. Jacob offers visitors a series of images, his Album X, in which the heterogeneity of subjects and absence of descriptive legends creates a context in which spectators are free to reconstruct linkages and unusual relationships. The effect of Tousignant’s polychrome sculptures formed of colourful shapes is to engage in a more direct relationship with spectators by acting directly on their experience of the space. From October 31, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

Alain Paiement : Bleu de bleu – The result of research developed over a four-year period, Bleu de bleu frames a small concrete-and-asphalt stretch along Highway 20, between Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and downtown Montréal. In this exhibition, the MAC presents the work as it has been integrated into the Musée collection: an installation made up of thirty-two videographic, photographic and sculptural elements, whose conceptual nature is intrinsically linked to its monumental, eponymous in situ placement. The work at the museum remains an experience of time and space, but one revealed through layers of data: it comprises a near-inextricable labyrinthine series of documents and images, of plans, drawings, surveys and projections. From October 31, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

Organized by guest curator Mehdi Brit and MAC curator Mark Lanctôt, EMERGE is an event dedicated to contemporary performance that brings together ten of the most important Canadian and European artists in the discipline. The most complete gathering of performance art ever mounted at the MAC, EMERGE will offer a stimulating encounter among theatre, visual arts, and body art, highlighting the pluridisciplinary nature of the most tantalizing current practices. A series of panels and lectures will accompany the event to complement the program of works presented. From November 19 to 24, 2019.

Fashion is featured at the McCord Museum with the Jean-Claude Poitras: Fashion and Inspiration exhibition which explores the sources of inspiration and the creative work of Montreal designer Jean-Claude Poitras, who left his mark on prêt-à-porter in Montréal, Québec and the rest of Canada over the course of a prolific career. The exhibition sheds light on the creative world of the designer and his sources of inspiration via archival material, multimedia displays and objects, as well as pieces of clothing that have marked and still mark local fashion. From his youth, the Montréal designer has been fascinated with textures, the movement of fabrics, their nature and their colour. This tactile and visual attraction for materials will become the main thread of his professional life. The Jean-Claude Poitras – Mode et inspirations exhibition reveals the designer’s personality via his three major sources of inspiration: family and religion, muses and film, and travel. From October 24, 2019, to April 26, 2020.

The Incas, Treasures of Peru at Pointe-à-Callière – In order to penetrate the secrets of the Inca civilization, its origins and its heritage, and highlight the great refinement of its artistic creations, this Pointe-à-Callière exhibition invites you to explore the captivating world of the Incas and Andean culture – mainly that of Peru – from prehistory to the contemporary era, and discover the splendors of the Incas who were at once the heirs and bequeathers of some of the most fertile customs and exquisite craftsmanship in the world. Trek through the Andean mountains and valleys and admire the remarkable flora and fauna of this exceptional place. Learn about the rites and many skills in agriculture, ceramics, metallurgy, sculpture and weaving of different pre-Inca civilizations that all had a major influence on Inca culture. Then, at the heart of the exhibition, discover the splendour of the Incas, their social organization, and their incredible artistic achievements. From November 27, 2019 to April 13, 2020.

The Viatour-Berthiaume exhibition Sculpter les mots : une rétrospective will be presented at the “Union des écrivaines et écrivains du Québec” and will also be part of the “Festival international de la littérature” from September 19 to December 5, 2019. Between 2008 and 2018, Marie-Annick Viatour and Gaétan Berthiaume successively immerse themselves into the worlds of Michel Tremblay, Fred Pellerin, Kim Thúy and Boucar Diouf and create four corpuses of unique polychrome wood works, resulting in exhibitions that will tour Québec. The UNEQ and FIL invite you to discover the works of Viatour-Berthiaume that blend beauty, ingenuity and playfulness, selected from the 60 unique creations that were inspired by Québécois authors. The short films entitled Sous l’écorce des mots featuring Kim Thúy and Quand Boucar Diouf s’intègre au bois… (FIFA 2019) will be shown throughout the exhibition’s duration. At Maison des écrivains, 3492 Laval Avenue, Montréal, 514 849-8540. From September 19 to December 5, 2019.


Fall 2019

The MAC and MOMENTA | Biennale de l’image unite to present…


Bruck Museum

The Bruck Museum presents Les saisons du lin, an exhibition where artist and textile designer Mylène Boisvert presents a collection of works made with textile papers, mainly linen, freely inspired by antique objects from Québec and from France. She uses kilometers of Saint-Armand linen paper yarns, handmade following the Japanese technique of kami-ito. With this personalized yarn she creates murals or draws with paper as she would with pencil. Through techniques inherent to textile design and painting, she evokes the multiple skills linked to this millennium fibre where transmission of knowledge stretched from sowing to weaving and embroidery. Until May 4, 2019.

Also at Bruck Museum, in a visual arts approach, Mariève Pelletier proposes an exhibition inspired by her research in photography. Through her work she questions the plastic functions and the identity of the medium and its duality with painting. She is interested in photographic development engendered through chemical agents and the passage of time. She raises a fundamental question concerning the perreniality of images. Painting is approached as an extension of her research on image creation and introduces a new notion: optics. From May 6 to July 6, 2019.

Passionate about architecture and photography, Martin Gendron presents, at Bruck Museum, L’esprit du lieu, a series of large format black and white photographs taken in Venice and Rome, exploring the coexistence between human beings and the built heritage of these emblematic locations. His viewpoint reveals the ethereal dimensions of some of these places that prompt respect or take us on a journey through time. His images feature evocative spaces and are thought-provoking. From July 11 to September 7, 2019.

Spring 2019

The Bruck Museum presents Les saisons du lin…


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents A Model in the Studio, Montreal 1880 – 1950; new acquisitions. Often censured and scorned in this country, live model representation usually is seen in terms of apprenticeship, or something somewhat predetermined. Works from the Academy and artist studios differ, however, with the model often revealing shamelessly by the deeply conservative standards of the day. Most of the works selected for the exhibition have never before been shown or are new acquisitions. They demonstrate the impact of a creative and training process that was once the foundation of all representations of the human body. From the quick sketch to the complete drawing, something of the artist’s personality is revealed in the lines of the models depicted. Featured here are many graphic artworks, as well as a few pochades and sculptures that were executed in the late 19th century and mid-20th century. Until May 5, 2019.

Also presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Thierry Mugler: Couturissime, the very first exhibition devoted to the work of the French creator. Premiering in Montréal, this retrospective brings together more than 140 accessorized garments, most of which are being shown for the first time, as well as a wealth of unpublished archival documents and sketches and one hundred or so photographs by renowned fashion photographers. The exhibition traces the career of a couturier who has shaken the world of fashion, from power dressing to stage costumes, with glamourous materials and a theatrical and sculptural vision. It dives into Thierry Mugler’s unique imagination, evoking in turn Hollywood-like perfectionism and prestige, fantasy, fauna, eroticism and science fiction. It explains his audacious choices, such as the use of innovative materials like metal, fake fur, vinyl and latex. Until September 8, 2019.

Presented at the MMFA in conjunction with Thierry Mugler: Couturissime, the exhibition Montreal Couture pays tribute to the talent of 10 local creators and collectives. Montreal Couture is the first exhibition to bring together the creations of three Quebec fashion icons: Marie Saint Pierre, with her precise, timeless cuts that marry style and function; Philippe Dubuc, whose debut collection reinvented menswear; and Denis Gagnon, who swept the fashion scene with his irreverent style and haute couture approach. It is also an opportunity to discover the futuristic universe of creator Ying Gao. Emerging creators are also featured: Atelier New Regime, Nathon Kong, MARKANTOINE, Helmer Joseph, Marie-Ève Lecavalier and the Fecal Matter duo. Until September 8, 2019.

With Alanis Obomsawin, Printmaker, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts unveils for the first time a selection of remarkable and emotive prints by Alanis Obomsawin, renowned filmmaker, writer, singer and artist. Working primarily in engraving and etching, the artist deals with the experience, memories and myths of her nation, the Waban-Aki people. Along with a selection of about 25 prints, the exhibition will also include intricate and fascinating ash and sweet grass objects, baskets, hand-made by members of the Waban-Aki nation at Odanak. From May 21 to August 25, 2019.

The MMFA presents the first monographic exhibition in Canada devoted to the work of Omar Ba, one of the most important African artist of his generation. Ba paints mainly on cardboard with a mixture of various media. With a unique visual language that fuses the figurative and the abstract, the human and the animal, the symbolic and the literal, Ba’s practice engages with some of the most pressing geo-political and socio-economic issues of our time. During his passage at the MMFA, the artist will create a unique installation in situ. This exhibition will bring together the work from Ba’s most important series, underscoring his profound critique of violence and corruption as well as his celebration of the human spirit. From May 28 to November 3, 2019.

Participate in the 18th auction of the Économusée du fier monde! This year, 54 works of art of Québécois and Canadian artists will be put up for live auction and 12 works for silent auction, for the benefit of the Économusée. During the evening under the honorary chairmanship of Francine Grimaldi and hosted by Annie Reynaud, Winston McQuade will act as auctioneer. Cocktails at 5 pm. Auction at 7 pm. Catalogue online: economusé Ticket: $50. 514-528-8444. Exhibition: April 24 to May 5, 2019, free entry.

Spring 2019

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents…


The Glenbow Museum in Calgary is hosting what could turn out to be a fascinating series of exhibitions, The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits, running until January 6, 2019. The show is being mounted in partnership with Library and Archives Canada. This first edition will be followed up by more of the same. In this exhibition, featuring self-portraits from the collections of Library and Archives Canada and Glenbow, the legacy of the artist’s mirror lives on. Here artists are looking deeply at themselves, a practice reflected across a wide variety of media, artistic styles and time periods. From biographical self- expression to political commentary, the motivation behind creating a self-portrait is as diverse as the artists themselves.

As part of a five-year collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, Glenbow will host a series of exhibitions drawn from this national portrait collection. The inaugural exhibition features fascinating works by Emily Carr, Norval Morriseau, Yousuf Karsh, Alma Duncan and many others.


Fall 2018

The Glenbow Museum in Calgary is hosting…


Once again it’s the Return of the Impressionists. The Winnipeg Art Gallery is running two concurrent exhibitions, French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950 and The Impressionists on Paper from June 16, to September 9, 2018.

The first, French Moderns, consists of more than 60 works including those by Cassatt, Cézanne, Degas, Manet, Matisse, Monet, Morisot and Renoir among others. These come from the Brooklyn Museum in New York and will be shown alongside paintings from the WAG’s collection. The second, Impressionists on Paper comes from the permanent collection of the National Gallery.

Taken together the two exhibitions feature works by more than 60 artists in a variety of media, painting, watercolours, pastels, drawing and sculpture.


Summer 2018

Once again it’s the Return of the Impressionists…