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A Complicit Glance

at Popular Art

Popular Art

“To exist a work of art needs neither beauty nor ugliness. It needs to be alive.” – Elmer Diktonius

Genuine for some, disconcerting for others, it is impossible to remain unmoved towards this raw form of art that is becoming increasingly present in public and private collections. True, there is still a long road ahead for these artworks to be considered mainstream but, if it was up to me, it goes without saying that this is a form of artistic expression that should be accessible to all sensitivities.

Popular art, also known as “whittlers’ art” or “tinkerers’ art”, appear to have originated in Québec among our farming ancestors who, during their free time in winter, sculpted and painted pieces of wood into toys for their offspring or for the simple pleasure of creating objects that would elicit fond memories or represent significant events of rural life.

Joseph-Arthur Bouchard, 1920-2010, Baie St-Paul (Charlevoix), Cow, wood

Joseph-Arthur Bouchard, 1920-2010, Baie St-Paul (Charlevoix), Cow, wood

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Text by Michel Bois

Rendez-vous des sculpteurs en art populaire du Québec at the Musée de la civilisation in Québec City April 27 & 28, 2019.

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Private collection: Adrien Levasseur – © Photo: Philippe Le Scelleur

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