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Joseph-Richard Veilleux RCA

Visionary Art Imprinting on Reality

Great Encounter

“The nomad, like the artist, will not on his journey unless he can envision a Promised Land.” – Jacques Attali

Dictionaries define the word voyage as a way or course taken, an attempt or undertaking, an enterprise, an expedition. Symbolically, a voyage illustrates the path one must follow to acquire knowledge or reach a higher spiritual dimension. The pilgrim’s voyage always brings him back to his point of departure. The soul’s voyage expresses a search for happiness, truth and immortality. Physical movement infers the conquest of new territory. A voyage is a long journey of exploration and discovery.

All definitions befitting in fact the timeless works of painter Joseph-Richard Veilleux as intermediaries between the world of the spirit and the wold of the living. Observe the precarious boats swaying through the tides, winds and waves! Watch the blue of the sea coalesce with the blue of the sky! See the passengers’ worried faces as they try to protect themselves with fragile umbrellas against the soaring elements splitting the atmosphere!  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Michel Bois

Joseph-Richard Veilleux r.c.a. will be showing his works at Galerie Bernard in Montréal from August 18 to September 17, 2016. Opening August 17, in presence of the artist.

Joseph-Richard Veilleux is also represented by Galerie Linda Verge in Québec City and by Galerie Yvon Desgagnés in Baie-Saint-Paul.

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