Editorial: In these times of pandemic

To start the year 2021 your Magazin’Art hasn’t spared any efforts to fulfill your expectations towards visual arts. From monumental sculptures defying cosmic and terrestrial forces, from abstraction that weaves between reality and paradox, then from a painting style that rocks the spectator to another spellbinding as a waking dream, while otherwise highlighting the freedom of painting on site, of establishing links between human faces and animals, and finally crowning a 60 year career with a return to the colours of the Renaissance, such is composed this exceptional issue. We should also note that the Sur le radar section features 10 artists from the MRC Chaudière-Appalaches and, in line with our desire to allow for artists’ voices to be heard, 3 creators testify to their creative experience during a time of pandemic. We thank you for your readership and wish you Good reading! MB


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To start the year 2021 your Magazin’Art hasn’t spared…

À la niçoise, huile sur toile, 20 × 24 po, 2018


On the importance of “being seen” elsewhere

An editorial dealing with the importance of “being seen” elsewhere than on the Net. The Sur le radar section keeping pace with the joyful bustle of artists from the Laurentides region. Meaningful texts on prestigious artists Guy Lemieux, Madeleine Lemire and Denise Pelletier. A commentary on the book entitled Jean-Paul – Fenêtres intimes by Jean-Paul Riopelle’s widow, Huguette Vachon. A text from Michèle Kramer reflecting on artistic hardships caused by the pandemic. A new evaluation of works of art service signed Magazin’Art. Your favorite Magazine offers you a selection of savoury, luminous, intimate and unique discoveries.


Michel Bois



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An editorial dealing with the importance of “being seen” elsewhere than on the Net…

Visual arts

post confinement


The stay at home requirement has heavily affected the creative community and art galleries at a time when everyone is in dire need of comforting, of liberating images and wonderment. Medically speaking, art is powerless against Coronavirus. However, throughout the ages humanity has shown us that art has acted as balm or bandage to relieve the anxieties of tormented souls. Nonetheless, let’s stand together and mobilize our talents to help propel visual arts beyond this universal downturn. As it happens, an increasing number of gallery owners believe that collectors will henceforth connect with art digitally. Absolute nonsense… Admittedly, gallery patrons may seek information via this cold and pragmatic technology, but images on a screen will never convey the indescribably moving experience provided by the sensual presence of the artwork. Nor will it impart the emotionally charged atmosphere of a vernissage in presence of the artist. Even less will the minimalist description concocted, or worse, a tweet of maximum 140 characters. Indisputably the survival of art galleries has been compromised by this health crisis, but the pre-pandemic facts remain: the ruthless and often exorbitant rental costs, without even one sale. Is it normal to pay $6,000.00 a month for a storefront location? I certainly don’t think so.

On this day, May 4th, art galleries in Québec City, Charlevoix and other regions are back on the playing field. But, at the time of writing these lines, I am unaware of the prevailing situation in Montréal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Still dismal, most probably! On that, I wish the very best outcome for all within the shortest delays. For artists, gallerists and collectors simply cannot exist without one another. May I also express a wish for the emergence of new open-minded talents, similarly to that crucial moment at the end of the First World War when Surrealism was born! Indeed, exasperated with realistic scenes of the sick, the dying, and of ruins, artists began dreaming of painting the world in a different light, with a desire to emotionally and intellectually inhabit a less unstable universe. Thus art reclaimed its true and legitimate destiny. What will the situation be like after quarantine? What would you like to see? An unprecedented amount of masterpieces expressing personal and soulful visions? Clearly, your Magazin’Art will be here to inform you. Glossy paper. Insightful and thorough texts. Witness to live art for over thirty-two years. With more than 700 drop points across Canada and the United States.

Thank you for commenting. We will publish.



Michel Bois



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The stay at home requirement has heavily affected the creative…