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Susan Stromberg

Susan Stromberg


The Redpath Museum at McGill University is hosting an international symposium on the critical threat to biodiversity: September 21st and 22nd 2019.

The committee invited Montréal sculptor Susan Stromberg to create a piece representing an endangered amphibian that would be featured at this conference. Other related sculptures she has created during her research will be part of a silent auction held to financially assist the scientists and the students involved during the conference.

Her study of endangered amphibians, specifically frogs, began a new theme in Stromberg’s repertoire and dramatically expanded her concern for the planet.

While the frog was being created, it looked just like a frog, so Stromberg adapted it to look more symbolic and more ‘artistic’ by putting an opening through the abdomen in the shape of a frog on each side and inserting a rare piece of Steuben crystal.

By lighting up the interior of her sculpted frog, Stromberg represented the importance of protection and ongoing reproduction of the species in the chain of life to prevent their extinction from our planet. And… therefore hopefully titled the creation: “Enlightenment”.


Fall 2019

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