The Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec is promising those who devoted to Japanese art one heck of a time with Japan, The Great Seduction, running from June 11, 2015 – September 27, 2015. The exhibition draws on the famous collection of Japanese art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and consists of 130 works including pieces in lacquer and silver, paintings, photographs and prints. The Quebec City showing is the only stop in Canada. The exhibition promises to explore the Western world’s fascination with Japanese art and its powerful influence.

It seems, however, that Boston Museum of Fine Arts has kept some of its more famous works at home. From April 5, 2015 –August 9, 2015 the museum will be exhibiting Hokusai, whose images are perhaps the most widely recognized of any Japanese artist. Katsushika Hokusai, 1760-1849, was the first Japanese artist to be internationally recognized. Some of the masterworks on display will be Under the Wave Off Kanagawa from the legendary series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji and the brilliantly coloured multi-panel screen painting Phoenix.

Summer 2015


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