Marie Montiel

Birds of a feather flock together”

A Wink from a Painter

“One day, a young girl agreed to pose for me while holding her cat in her arms. I noticed that they both had the same feline gaze, the same seriousness about them and shared great complicity. Yeux de chat, my first human/animal duo was born at the moment the animal and the model, in accord, turned towards my camera. Clic!” Here is a creation that overlaps the arbitrary boundaries of the conscious and the unconscious. Except the artist’s sources emanate from a privileged exchange with the animal kingdom. To be discovered!

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by Michel Bois

It should be noted that this exhibition will resume after the numerous

cancellations due to the pandemic which have hindered the activities

of exhibition centres.

Marie Montiel is represented by Galerie Courtemanche,

820, rue Principale Ouest, Magog (QC) 819-843-2834

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