Winter 2017 – 114


To start the year 2017, the writing team spared no effort in putting together this latest issue of your Magazin’Art. Modern art, outsider art, matierist creation and contemporary realism – we cast an ever widening net to help you discover the diversified essence of today’s visual arts. This being said, dear readers, we wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy and surprises in the great adventure of art!

Forms, volume and space

Carole Desgagné – Emotions Galore

by Lysanne LeTellier

Sulptor Carole Desgagné conveys emotional vibrations to her often faceless bronze figures which are declined in different shades of patina, from verdigris to shiny golden. According to the writer, her 10 years of classical ballet may have helped the artist understand the many ways a body can express itself through movement by concentrating energy in some parts of the body or some gestures. Absolutely fascinating!

Delight in Discovery

Pierre Poulin – The Art Outsider

by HeleneCaroline Fournier.

Pierre Poulin is one of the few Canadian artists practicing outsider art listed on the art market. The painter forcefully sculpts lines with brisk impromptu movements. Brightly coloured shapes of all sizes are positioned and replicated on the canvas. The pictorial matter, rich and abundant, sparks a vivid emotion that propels itself off the canvas as a cry from the heart towards the spectator’s own sensitivity. To be viewed and experienced!

On Exhibit

Danou-Lynn – Keeping an Element of Mystery

by Lysanne LeTellier

Self-taught, this artist’s creation seeks to express the unbounded wonder of youth through dreamlike visions and fantasy. Danou-Lynn wishes to elicit some kind of reflection by proposing untraceable landscapes inhabited by discrete unidentifiable figures hiding behind inquisitive masks.

Thumbnail Sketches

Luc Tessier – Making Hearts Flutter with Colour

by Michel Bois

Luc Tessier paints hearts gorged with the most expressive of colours. Spatial organizations leave the spectator breathless. The more we gaze at these works, the more we are drawn into our own psychological colour dimension. A seasoned musician, the artist’s red will be strident as the sound of a trumpet, his yellow will be vivid as a clarinet and his blue as appeasing, reassuring and enveloping as a saxophone. Luc Tessier’s paintings constitute a globally fertile universe, where colourful juices offer the heart shape as a flavourful fruit. A treasure chest where the spectator can store his own desires and aspirations. A creation that warrants following!

Contemporary Realism

France Houle – When Matter is the Subject

by Michel Bois

France Houle’s matierist and abstract painting style proposes a dialogue between colour and matter. She perceives herself as a “recyclingˮ artist, using a variety of atypical materials such as wood, rope, oxidized metal, wax, and others that will be crushed to produce, using acrylic and other colour pigments bearing mediums, the most formidable mosaic effects, crevices and cracks, in an infinite display of strongly-felt impressions and elusive evocations. To be discovered!

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Gail Descoeurs – Sailing into the Mystic

by Noel Meyer

There is something very traditional about some of Descoeurs’ landscapes. Perspectives seem to be somewhat flattened and the forms are simplified. At the same time, in some of her work, there is almost a touch of magical realism, something wonderful that plays with the way we look at things. At first glance a painting depicts a lake, but really it is more like two paintings in one. On the top there is a standard view of lake, trees and sky and then there is the reflected world of trees and sky in the lake. A thin band of water separates reality from reflection and this effectively divides the painting in two, for the greatest pleasure of us explorers and visionaries. High art indeed!

Great Encounter

Joan Dumouchel – Fleeting Impressions

by Isabelle Gauthier

Painter of moments of introspection, Joan Dumouchel probes the nuances of the human psyche in a contemporary body of work that leaves room for imagination. Her realistic faces inhabit dreamlike universes that are conducive to escape. Masterfully painted, they exist in an abstract world where the artist carefully creates an ambiance while leaving enough space to allow the spectator to imagine the end of the story. Despite the use of certain symbols, of charcoal and stencils, the whole retains an airiness that well serves the mood of her very topical paintings.