Summer 2017 – 117

MAGAZINART summer 2017 edition

Here it is, your summer 2017 flowery issue.

Artistic creativity to its fullest! Redolent with freedom of expression and exploration in an effort to satisfy your increasingly demanding visual appetite. It also includes a guide of places to visit this summer. Happy reading! Hoping you will have many opportunities to enjoy exhibition sites all along the roads leading to pleasant summer discoveries.

Gallery Portrait

Galerie d’art St-Aubin-Marion – Painters and Gallery Owners: When Happiness is Part of the Equation

by Michel Bois

A unique and most pleasant opportunity to be welcomed inside a historic stone building, by charming and well-known artists who passionately endeavour to facilitate the connection between people and art. This, from spring until that moment in the fall when bustards graze the homes of the Côte-de-Beaupré on their migration to the south.

Forms, Volume and Space

The Amazing Carvings of Michel Lajeunesse

by Robert Lafontaine

The sculptor particularly favours those tree parts that one would throw in the fire, the ones that have nodes, bulges and other defects. He also draws his inspiration in century-old roots abandoned on the banks. The artist has the advantage of speaking the same language as these bruised and twisted trunks. It’s now up to you now to discover these sublime treasures!

Delight in Discovery

A Free Spirit – Johanne Doucet

by Isabelle Gauthier

Horses as artistic subjects possess this indefinable quality that allies force and fragility, masculinity and femininity. Artist Johanne Doucet is particularly sensitive to the mythical aura these noble animals exude, and for good cause: they saved her life. When art and life harmonize!

Contemporary Realism

Jean-Pierre Neveu’s Universe

by HeleneCaroline Fournier

The painter has developed a hyper-realistic style while creating surrealistic forest scenes flirting with a three-dimensional visual technique. Phantasmagoric, dreamlike and playful visual perceptions abound. Purely magical!

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Redolent Paintings – Ilinca Ghibu

by Michel Bois

Her paintings are like welcome breaths of fresh air, beneficial and appeasing. She possesses the unusual experience of an immigrant who views and observes, who has taken root in Québec, and expresses herself. With intelligent association of processes, techniques and schools of thought, this artist’s painting, neither realistic nor abstract, is of the type that extends the limits of normal perception. An artist that warrants following!

Artist Profile

Colourful Aerobatics – Marc Samson

by Lisanne Le Tellier

The painter has perfected his technique overtime, often adding newspaper or magazine clippings, photographs, plaster, jute, grill or fabric to his creations to shape his own vision. As in a mosaic of small individual abstractions, the magic lies in the coherency of the whole profiled by the spontaneity of colours and spatula strokes. Good exploration!

On Exhibit

Passion Red – Lynn Garceau

by Lisanne Le Tellier

When she paints, her inner state mirrors that of meditation; she becomes totally immersed in her subject and her gestures are no longer guided by reason, claims the artist. As a result: flowers as suave in colours as the applied medium is creamy and smooth. Absolutely scrumptious!

Great Encounter

Colourful Vibrations – François Faucher

by Isabelle Gauthier

With their chromatic intensity and figurative spatial organisation, François Faucher’s paintings are memorable. Unparalleled, the brilliant body of work assumes musical overtones through a technique invented by the artist that incorporates a ‟vibratoryˮ effect to the paintings.