Summer 2016 − 112


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Once again, an exceptional issue! All there is to know about Joseph-Richard Veilleux, first RCA francophone president: his art, his thoughts, his altruism. Also, a privileged access to ‟raw artˮ as defined by Michel Blouin. Take us along on your summer travels and seek out our section on Events and Symposiums.

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On the Web

Sandra Chevrier – Feminine Heroism

by Isabelle Gagné

Her creation focuses on the modern woman’s quest for freedom and identity. Filtering feminine Super Heroes imagery, the artist virtually denounces the daily struggles women face in today’s society. Hence her use of famous women’s portraits wearing masks, as super women would. Towards renewed awareness!


Forms, volume and space

Guy Pierre

by Denise Kouri

Versatile, sculptor Guy Pierre equally works with wood, clay and bronze. The human being as part of the family cocoon remains his favored theme. Most often sculpted life-size, his subjects have but one purpose, to express the beauty of life. Masterfully skilled!

Delight in discovery

Normand Ménard – As Untamed as Can Be

by Robert Lafontaine

Inspired by native art, the painter and sculptor Normand Ménard’s body of work is rich, ingenious, narrative and colourful. His creations invariably tell a story. His series of tattooed angels and totems assert a calm and confident force of creation which leads us to believe in the existence of a sacred dimension to art. To be seen and experienced!

Thumbnail Sketches

Claude de Lorimier – To the Beat of the River

by Isabelle Gauthier

The painter lives in a place that provides yearlong inspiration. Her paintings depict the moods of the river and its shores in a marvel perspective. Touching on impressionism, she seeks to capture light to express her own sense of wonderment. After twenty years of practice, her gesture is refined and deft while unconstrained. A luminous vision of infinite horizon!

Family in Art

Mireille and Suzanne Molleur – Tied by Blood, Colour and Heart

by Lisanne LeTellier

Born in a family of nine siblings, two sisters have developed a profound passion for visual arts, each working independently with unique style, form and content. Related by blood, colour and heart… to be discovered for your greatest pleasure!

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Sonia Reid – From the Heart

by Frédéric-Marc Gagné

Painting with heart, the symbol of which is present in most of her works. The heart shape for her is liberating. Testament of a business woman whose survival was ensured thanks to art.

Contemporary Realism

Michel Blouin – Being True to Oneself – In Praise of Artistic Creation

by Michel Bois

‟When I paint, says the artist, I abandon myself to the moment when colour becomes a prolongation of life, when nature breaks and relives inside of me.ˮ Art never comes to rest in predictable places; herein lies Michel Blouin’s creative force, an artist who is present in galleries, locally as well as in Europe.

Great Encounter

Joseph-Richard Veilleux RCA – Visionary Art Imprinting on Reality

by Michel Bois

Quite an accomplishment! First francophone president of the Canadian Royal Academy of Arts. An accomplished painter, for over forty years the artist has been attempting to define forms and universes of parallel territories in an effort to unravel their entanglements. An absolute must read!

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