Spring 2017 – 115


MAGAZINART spring 2017 - in this edition

Sculpture, photography, painting and watercolour: such is the compendium of varied modes of artistic creation compiled by Magazin’Art for its spring issue. Common denominators among all these artists: their vast experience, expertise and thoroughness as well as unconventional sumptuous works of art. Happy reading!

Forms, volume and space

Marie-Claude Demers – Moment of Grace. Creative Impulses and Happy Enthusiasm

by Michel Bois

Inspired by fairy tales or legends, or by characters that incite feelings of happiness, the sculptor allows her fingers to freely manipulate the oily clay per her whims and fancies. She then works at adding shapes, following a narrative the finality of which is still unknown. The trimming, modelling and other pointed tools ensure the meticulous skill and care with which she crafts a wealth of details into her fanciful and genial scenes. An exceptional creation!

Art Photography

Sophie Thibault – Recognizing Beauty

by Michel Bois

Sophie Thibault aime prendre le temps pour peaufiner les images. Les moments passés dans la nature lui procurent un profond sentiment de bien-être du moment présent. Grâce à la photographie, elle explore et découvre son environnement autrement. Les éléments graphiques, les couleurs et les textures stimulent sa perception et son sens artistique. La photographe cherche à promouvoir la beauté de la vie qui nous entoure, tout en induisant chez les gens un sentiment de proximité avec la faune et la flore. Des images d’une immense beauté !

Delight in Discovery

Alain Bédard – Inspired by Colour

by Maxime Rioux

Les formes et les couleurs sont primordiales pour le créateur. L’architecture se fait aussi très présente dans ses toiles. C’est sa signature en quelque sorte. Le peintre recourt à la couleur qu’il applique en aplat afin de faire ressortir des oppositions de couleurs chaudes et froides qui se marient souvent avec audace. Une peinture toute en énergie lumineuse, donc !

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Jacqueline Gosselin – Journey to the Land of Colours

by Isabelle Gauthier

The colourful world of Jacqueline Gosselin is best defined through the impression it produces rather than through a detailed description of the pigments she uses. Phrases such as ‘imaginary journey’, ‘philosophical reverie’ or ‘vagabond moods’ seem to more accurately translate her body of work. Whether initiated by observation of human behavior or travel impressions, each of Jacqueline Gosselin’s canvases conveys a message. For example, a painting depicting a flower losing its petals suggests the passing of time, the seeds we sow, the imprints we leave. Enter a world of visual poetry!

Artist from Elsewhere

Roland Palmaerts – Ardour and Radiance

by Isabelle Gauthier

In watercolour, acrylic or mixed media, Roland Palmaerts explores matter to depict his vision. The constant presence of glorious lighting effects that transport the observer between dream and reality is one of the characteristic features of his work. To him, light is a reflection of spirituality, an exploration of the life and death duality that is expressed with strong contrasts. His rural and urban subjects are imbued with lyricism and aestheticism sustained by an unfailing technique. When experience and exceptional talent unite!

Great Encounter

Littorio Del Signore – A Tribute to the City of Montréal, a Source of Inspiration for 40 years

by Lisanne Le Tellier

A photographed image may procure the initial starting point, but Del Signore quickly disengages from it and transforms it into a true painting, inventing a world of his own in a unique palette that one could qualify as ‘sentimental’. Results are paintings that are simultaneously simple and grandiose, that lure the eye through a powerful enchantment of colours. Highly colourful atmospheres characterize his artistic signature. Urban scenes, neighborhood alleyways, children at play, winter sunsets reflected on snow, all add to the joy of seeing!