Fall 2016 − 113


Colour! Shapes derived from nature! From Pop Art to the fantastical, from spirituality to the notion of design in artistic creation, this Fall 2016 issue takes pleasure in leading you on unusual artistic paths, always of the highest quality. May your magazine bring joy, colour, light, artistic knowledge and news to your home!


 Canadian Masters

Rodolphe Duguay (1891-1973)

by Michel Bois

Rodolphe Duguay’s body of work is unique and powerful. It radiates with the painter’s tremendous passion for art. He liked to say that nature was almost like God to him, and that admiring its masterpieces constituted a prayer. He felt that the sky, stars, earth and water all helped make Man a better being.

Artist Profile

Mireille Dubreuil – The Eloquence of Stones

by Robert Lafontaine

Whether Magdalen Islands alabaster, Brazil steatite, Japan chlorite or Vermont marble, each piece of rock has its own language. If we listen, these stones do speak to us, as sketched within the furrows of their veins souls have hidden their faces, sheltered from the eyes of merchants, says the artist. Not to be missed!

On Exhibit

Jean-Claude Poitras – Above All, I am a Creator

by Michel Bois

The main criteria of success for this creator is to never slip into total abstraction. He paints silhouettes and corsages that are light and airy. As spectator to his art, Poitras loves experiencing the vertigo of adventure. In all his creations, his greatest motivation is to push-back the frontiers of the imagination. And he is successful at it!

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Marie-Claude Courteau – The Essentiality of Light

by Lisanne LeTellier

Once Marie-Claude Courteau gets an idea into her head, she feels a compelling need to paint, an uncontrollable urge to immediately start working to elaborate her vision and find a way to make it burst with light. “There is no colour without light. Light is what changes everything!ˮ, she exclaims. Check it out!

Pop Art

Boudro – When Art Goes ‘Pop’ and ‘Boom’

by Michel Bois

This artist’s creation never duplicates known works from Pop Art masters. Boudro rather expands on the purpose and style of Pop Art images in his own way. Thus, characters such as Batman, Bugs Bunny, Twitty Bird and other well-known protagonists develop their own story, through the use of advertising logos for yellow taxicabs, Heineken beer, NBC television or Coca-Cola. And, what do these invented stories tell? It appears only the spectators’ imagination is able to fully grasp their meaning; and they sure are smiling about it. A must!

Artist Profile

Dominique Normand – Celebrating Native Culture

by Robert Lafontaine

Whether under the aurora borealis coloured nights of Mistassini, on the gigantic Eastmain River or under the starry skies of Mount Otish, the artist, having discovered her own Maliseet Metis ancestry, slakes her thirst off the elders’ teachings and shares her knowledge with us!

Delight in Discovery

Carole Doucet – When Words Take Shape

by Lisanne LeTellier

Based on words of holistic wisdom, her works are constructed around a warm and mineral palette expressing the glowing spirit of the Psalms of David, the Song of Solomon, or the wise proverbs and quotes from which they emanate. “The goal is to connect the emotion with the idea, freely, without worry about performance.ˮ When art and spirituality become one!

Great Encounter

Claude Gauthier – Giving Free Rein to Imagination

by Isabelle Gauthier

Accessing the imaginary world of Claude Gauthier means following a path filled with radiant colours and symbols. His dreamlike and whimsical works invite the viewer on an ethereal journey the sense of which only he can interpret. The art of Claude Gauthier never goes unnoticed: bright colours, subjects depicted on abstract backgrounds, graphic textures and composition, all vigorously catch the eye. For lovers of the unusual and the colourful!