Madeleine Tailleur

Beyond Initial Tracings

Art in a Feminine Perspective

Madeleine Tailleur’s works reveal themselves in layers, as the viewer’s gaze takes time to wander over them to perceive the underlying diaphanous elements resting there, patiently waiting to catch the eye of the one who is willing to explore further. Women’s faces and silhouettes then unveil themselves in filigree, undulating in front of a background where transparent declinations of one tone create a soft and vaporous atmosphere. Her paintings thus offer a plurality of readings and interpretations, per everyone’s own perspective. A style of painting that transports us as in a waking dream. Pure magic!

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by Lisanne Le Tellier

The art lover can find Madeleine Tailleur’s works at

Galerie Archambault (Lavaltrie), at Galerie Douce Passion (Québec)

as well as at Galerie Au P’tit Bonheur (La Malbaie).


A beautiful compilation of many of Madeleine Tailleur’s paintings

is also available in the form of a retrospective of her artistic journey.

“As my painting technique requires that I spend long periods of time

in front of my works to be able to decode them, something that many

people cannot do, I thought a book would allow a longer perusal time

and thus better appreciation of said works”, states the artist. 96 pages

of texts and images, available for the sum of $40,00 at 450-549-2740.

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