Françoise Pascals

A writing interlude

Great Encounter

Françoise Pascals claims having inherited this taste for beauty and aesthetics from her father who was an architect and sculptor. “My childhood has been rocked by love of beauty. I grew up surrounded with books which I pored over for hours admiring the artworks of painters and sculptors of all eras. My eye was invariably attracted to the mastery of technique and colours of the great masters of the Renaissance. After reading many books, I was hooked; I had chosen my future career”, says the artist. While she choose an artistic career at 14 years of age, she is still active sixty years later for our greatest pleasure. A must!

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by Alexandre D’Astous

Galerie Vigneault and the Internet

Françoise Pascals paintings are exhibited at Galerie d’art Vigneault in Repentigny, as well as on her website ( “The world of art and that of galleries have changed over the years. Everything seems to look the same nowadays and I find that sad.” Françoise Pascals’ works can be found in Québec, British Columbia, the United States and in Belgium where her love for renaissance painters is appreciated.

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