The Audacity of Hope

Nature and Art

If environmental concerns today profoundly alert most of the planet, this trend was scarcely emerging not that long ago. When the city of Mont-Saint-Hilaire approached Jérémie Boudreault in 2006 asking her to submit an original proposal that would help the region distinguish itself artistically, she immediately contemplated a landmark event featuring nature, in an inspiring setting that would be accessible to all.

“For me, creating with natural elements means effecting great evocative power with very little, within ephemeral and playful works that are thought-provoking while remaining in sync with their environment.” As a youth, Jérémie Boureault entertained a rich imaginary world where she amused herself with almost nothing, and she retains a unique memory of this childlike wonder. Land art echoes this propensity for minimalist staging where the magic of the moment is able to touch and unite spectators around a single impulse. The professional path of this innovator at heart led her towards becoming an actress, an artistic director and producer of short films, even for a while, the owner of a small theatre where she organized, in all simplicity, a myriad of activities often experimental in nature.

C-Juillard, M-Bachelet - photo © Patrick Deslandes

C-Juillard, M-Bachelet – photo © Patrick Deslandes

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

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Header image : M-F Bourbeau – photo © Patrick Deslandes

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