Un vent de fraîcheur, 30 × 30 in Un vent de fraîcheur, 30 × 30 in

Céline Martel

A Feeling of Zenitude

Contemporary Realism

The paintings of the artist are simultaneously abstract and figurative. Here a tracing or a barely suggested silhouette, there a house, a human figure, a tree, a bicycle or a bird is skillfully introduced. Céline Martel does not appear to be a woman of brisk transitions, hence, in the image of her soft ambiance works that are meant to rock the viewer, her recent renditions remain true pictorial parables: a call to serenity. Inspiring art!

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by Marie-France Bégis

To view the works of Céline Martel:

Instagram: celinemartelart

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Galerie d’art de Miss Rey:

Virtual exhibition Rendez-vous Art contemporain:

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